Profile lamp “LENA”

– Suspended light
– Wall lamp
– Downlight or uplight
– Wall washer
– Single lamp or
– light band
– Recessed light

“Realtime-Daylight” in
closed rooms

Computer control with light sensor for brightness and colour temperature.

LED operating equipment

Available from 12-48V DC and up to a capacity of 500W. They can be controlled by 1 to 12 channels through DMX, analogous 1-10V or DALI. They can be dimmed in 8 or 16bit resolution.

LED Spot

D: 50-70mm, length: 70mm, with 5W to 30W white, 2,700°K to 6.000°K, rotating or swivelling, or installed flush with the ceiling, with external power supply and dimmer.

LED boards

LED boards are developed and produced project specific. Form, dimensions, output and the types/colours and positions of LEDs used can be selected freely.


LED high-performance spot light made of solid stainless steel and aluminium, fitted with 60 high power LEDs 15°/ 60°/120°, 5 channel (e.g. RGB+W+A), up to an output of 180W, IP65

LED panels

Edge-lit acrylic or real glass panes, lighting up homogeneous across the surface, only 20 mm thick, can be produced up to 2x3m, the LEDs can be white or RGB.

LED profile light 20x27mm

Extruded aluminium profile, homogeneous lit-up line, visually without interruption, in-line design, 9-30W/m, 48V DC, in white or RGB

LED profile luminaires

Available in the dimensions 10x11mm, 10x20mm or 12x17mm, 9-30W/m, 48V DC, diffuse or homogeneous light, in white or RGB

LED profile luminaire D=25mm

Extruded aluminium profile as light tube, with 1-2W LEDs with lens or with SMD LEDs, 9-30W/m, 48V DC, narrow beam or diffuse or homogeneous.