Project Planning

For over 15 years, we have planned and developed LED lighting systems in Germany for the international market. Our family owned and operated company has more than 40 years of experience in the lighting market.

Together with architects and lighting planners, we develop and create individual and customized products. We invite you to visit our showroom to see our large number of our own products.

The Dark Room/Photometric Laboratory

Our photometric laboratory the so-called dark room has a white wall that is 7.50 meters in height. Here, you can get a personal impression of the samples specifically manufactured for you or of one of our existing products.

CAD Drawing/Planning

After your custom product has been developed, planning and work preparations start:

• preparation of the materials’ list • drafting the construction drawing at the CAD workspace • material planning for the LEDs > the LEDs are ordered project-specific from one batch for maximum evenness of LEDs with regard to colour position and brightness • order of board material and perhaps new development.

LED automatic placement machine

When we select boards, we can chose from a multitude of our own developed boards, which differ in shape, dimensions, number of LEDs. If needed, we develop swiftly new boards. Once all materials are available, we begin placing the LEDs on the boards using our modern automatic placement machine.

Quality Control

Prior to further processing, our boards with the placed LEDs undergo a quality test.

For this purpose, we have our own measuring laboratory with a number of measuring instruments. Among others, with our infrared camera we check the maximum temperature increase of the LEDs. The spectroradiometer is used to check technical light parameters such as colour position, brightness, colour temperature and CRI. In addition, we use the spectrum analyser and insulation tester to monitor compliance with CE conformity.

Metal Processing

Our metal processing unit customizes aluminium profiles for the project. All aluminium profiles are formed here. They are sawed, milled and get the required drill holes.

CNC casting system

Our CNC casting system is used to waterproof precisely all LED lights for outdoor areas.

Burn-in test

The finished boards are placed on the prepared profiles and are carefully soldered by hand. After completion, the lights are tested for a minimum of 24 hours for dependable function using the “burn-in” test. They are packaged and readied for shipment only after they have passed this test and the visual inspection.