Landratsamt Heilbronn [Heilbronn District Administration]

Client: Landratsamt Heilbronn [Heilbronn District Administration]

Planning and lighting design: Süwag Energie AG, energy-related services, architectural city lighting in cooperation with 3L, engineering office for lighting planning in Bad Nauheim

Architect: Haschler Jehle Architecture, Berlin

Special development of 920 pieces of LED used as facade spot lights with 1W LED in green with special light control optic to light up evenly the lamella of the facades while protecting neighbouring houses from glare, controlled through DALI

Europasteg Salzach – Laufen
Client: ARGE Europasteg Baucon ZT GmbH
Planning and lighting design: Belzner Holmes LDE, Stuttgart
LED profile lights installed in the handrail, 9W/m, watertight sealed and LED spot lights on the railing post, 1 W each

Drehscheibe – Finanz Informatik – Frankfurt

Client: Finanz Informatik, Frankfurt

Planning: MOW Architects, Frankfurt

Lighting design: Torsten Braun, Die Lichtplaner, Limburg

20x 9m in length, LED profile lights installed on the outside facade, equipped with RGB, homogeneous and interruption-free lighting, individual control of each line through DMX

POP Akademie

Client: Musikpark Mannheim GmbH

Planning: motorplan Architecture & Urban Planning, Mannheim

Lighting design: Torsten Braun, Die Lichtplaner, Limburg

LED profile luminaires equipped with cold white LEDs 30W/m, made according to specifications for the precise lighting of a facade made of perforated sheets, dynamic control through DMX

Selimex Administrative Building – South Tyrol

Client: SELIMEX GmbH, Latsch South Tyrol

Architecture, lighting design and photography Werner Tscholl, Morter South Tyrol

Backlighting of the glass facade using specifically manufactured RGB spot lights with narrow beam optic and glare protection ring, 9W each spot, control through DMX