Gagosian Gallery London

Client: Gagosian Gallery
Architects: TateHindle, London / Caruso St John Architects, London / ARUP, London
Execution: Westgreen Construction Ltd., London

Gallery area: 1,650 sqm
Achievable illumination: 800-1,000 lux
Connected load, LED system: maximum 30 kW

Image rights: Joseph Asghar

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Doc Morris Pharmacy

Client: Doc Morris

Planning and lighting design: Bürger Interior Design, Krefeld and iGuzzini Germany.

Various LED profile lights equipped in RGB to me mixed around “Doc Morris Grün”, controlled through 1-10V

Deutsche Börse Eschborn

Client: Börse Eschborn

Planning: Peter Fischer, Kronberg

Lighting design: Belzner Holmes LDE, Stuttgart

Backlighting of the arched glass counter and ceiling ring using white and blue LED profile luminaires arched to fit the radius, controlled through DMX, backlighting of the seating cubes using blue and white SMD profile luminaires, produced to specifications and bevel-cut.

REWE Headquarters – Cologne

Client: REWE Group, Cologne

Planning and lighting design: Jörg Klasen, Die Lichtplaner Wesel

Description: entrance area at Domstraße and Stolberger Straße: Video-ready light wall behind opaque white glass, 5 channels per pixel RGB+white+amber for a particular colour depth, dynamic colour gradient as lighting art object.

SMA Solar Headquarters – Niestetal

Client: SMA Solar Technolohy AG, Niestetal

Planning: HHS Planer + Architekten AG, Kassel

Lighting design: Torsten Braun, Die Lichtplaner, Limburg

Flexible RGB LED lines made to specifications, installed in the elliptically arched stainless steel handrail, watertight sealed to illuminate the glass edge of the balustrade, controlled through DMX

Seaside Hotels – Hamburg

Client: Seaside Hotels, Hamburg

Lighting design: Robert Wilson, New York and Belzner Holmes LDE, Stuttgart

Architect: Jan Störmer Architects, Hamburg

Interior designer: Studio Matteo Thun & Partner, Milan

RJM Museum – Cologne

Client: Facility Management of the City of Cologne

Planning: Atelier Brückner GmbH, Stuttgart

Lighting design: Belzner Holmes LDE, Stuttgart

LED profile lamps as showcase light, equipped with white LEDs in 9W/m and 30W/m, special pendant luminaire made of an acrylic tube equipped with 3x1W LEDs.

Uerige Brauerei – Düsseldorf

Client: Uerige Brewery – Dusseldorf

Planning, lighting design and photography Jörg Klasen, Die Lichtplaner, Wesel

Description: 36W RGB high-performance spotlights, stainless steel housing sealed to be waterproof sealed with concrete casting surround and various RGB profile luminaires installed in the filling system, made to specifications and waterproof.

Lachen Shopping Ctr.

Client: Obersee Center Lachen, Switzerland

Planning and lighting design: Jürgen Häcker, Habegger AG, Switzerland

Description: Transparent LED panels to cover the elevator cabin behind glass, free view toward the outside, equipped with RGBs changing colours with each floor, controlled through DMX.